About us

Ocean Enterprises is a 45 years
worldwide company, successfully
focused on Consultancy, Investments
Advisory, Team Business Player and
Business Facilitator.

Carlo Martin is an Australian-Portuguese
Entrepreneur and CEO of Ocean Enterprises
with depth knowledge of Asian and
European Markets


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“Dear Sir,

We are China based company in Dubai. We are deeply interested for importing honey in the Gulf.”

“Caro Carlos,

Junto envio o site dos nossos parceiros em Timor.

Estamos a analisar com muito interesse os investimentos nas áreas das Energias, offshore, oil & gas, obras públicas, telecomunicações, energias renováveis


“Dear Carlo Martin,

I really feel obliged to see your interest in giving the honor of becoming Online Media Partner with respect to your trade across the glober.

I would like to bring to your knowledge that your product is one of the most searched products on by buyers from 240 countries across the globe"

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