Olive Oil

In Portugal, it would have been the Romans and later the Visigoths and Arabs that contributed to the development of its cultivation.
The olive groves in the centre and south of Portugal were being planted and replanted as the centuries rolled by but it is the beginning of the 14th and 15th centuries, that they became most abundant, mainly between Coimbra and Évora, extending through the valley of the Tagus from Santarém to Lisbon

“The Rules for Press Operators of Olive Oil Presses” were the first standards written for the job of “olive press operator”. They emerged in 1572 as a part of the Rules for the Mechanical Occupations of the Most Noble and Always Loyal City of Lisbon.
With the Portuguese maritime expeditions to the African, Asian and American continents olive oil was “presented” to the world and took a major role in the trade made with these far off lands.

At the beginning of the 90’s, Portuguese consumption started to grow due to growing awareness of it’s health benefits and over the next 5 years production is expected to double.

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