The National Beekeeping Programme 2014-2016 (Programa Apícola Nacional) refers to approximately 15 controlled areas where beekeeping is managed by different associations and / or institutions that guarantee support and oversight for beekeeping.

The current DOP regulated honey regions include: Serra da Lousã, Serra de Monchique, Terra Quente, Terras Altas do Minho, Barroso, Alentejo, Parque de Montesinho, Ribatejo Norte and Açores. And like Portuguese wine, each designated region – differentiated by its climatic, geographic and floral variations – will determine its structural and organisational needs. 

Even though Portugal is a small country, its biodiversity is absolutely remarkable, varying dramatically from one region to the next. Hence, it lends itself to incredibly diverse and quality driven products. 

As a result of Portugal’s unique biodiversity and ancient beekeeping tradition, the Portuguese have been able to craft a wide variety of honeys from both mainland Portugal as well as the islands. 

Are you looking for a specific flavor, aroma, color, region or age, because any of these factors change dramatically from one type to the next. Starting with a quality retailer who stocks quality products provides you ample opportunity to simply, experiment. 

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